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#ocTEL Week 6 – help and ideas please!

Effective Assessment in a Digital Age (JISC, 2010): consider the following questions. Week 6 is certainly raising a lot of questions for me, and presenting challenges in terms of my current teaching methods. To be honest, I’m left wondering how

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#ocTEL: Digital Templates

This week, we’ve been asked to read and reflect on the use of templates for developing online courses. I read the paper by Hill and colleagues (2012), and was perhaps more confused by the fact that this just made common

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How to develop student communities

Hi – below is a rather rough comment I sent to Keith Smyth following his Webinar. I’m intrigued how to encourage my students to interact more on online. I would also like to find out more from other people how

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#ocTEL Application of Learning Theories

I had a bit of a backlash to this area because learning about theories either confuse or frustrate me. But I have found some value in reading about these, albeit briefly and then thinking about what I do already in

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